A love story is different for every couple, this is ours. Bryan and I met the year after school in 2003. After three years of dating, another 3 years of separation, and then 3 years of dating again, we got engaged. A dream come true. Little did we know that this dream would last only 6 months. 1

Bryan had a very severe head injury on 31 December 2011, 4 months before we were to marry. Not quite the way we expected to spend our new years eve. He was in a coma for 2 and a half months, in ICU and high care for 4 and a half months and an in-patient at a rehab facility for another 4 months. Since leaving the rehab he has continued therapy on an outpatient basis daily. Our lives had done a complete 180, with the future and Bryan’s recovery unknown.


But God is good and today I can say our future looks bright. Through many long hours of therapy, prayer and persistence, our dreams are back on track. Bryan is starting to talk again, and he is starting to walk with assistance. Best of all, Bryan and I got married on 5th Oct 2013, 22 months after his accident. Bryan said his vows and his wedding speech, we had our first dance, and we look forward to a wonderful married life.


No one can ever say what the outcome of a head injury will be. They are all different. We just want to thank God and all of our therapists for everything they have helped us to achieve.