Pressure garments are prescribed for burn scars that have become hypertrophic (thickened and raised) or any other scar, for that matter, that has become hypertrophic i.e. skin grafts or surgical incisions.

It is important to manage hypertrophic scarring as it may limit movement at joints; the scar can shorten and become contracted. A pressure garment helps improve the appearance and pliability of the scar thus giving a patient more confidence and allowing for more freedom of movement.

Pressure garments are custom made for each patient. The garment is a tight fitting elastonet garment that applies pressure to the scar. The pressure applied to the scar flattens the scar and changes the appearance in terms of colouring of the scar.

Pressure garments, are usually, worn 24 hours a day for a period of up to 2 years while the scars are remodelling.