Neuro Rehab aims to identify and maximise movement potential, functional abilities and quality of life in patients following a neurological insult. After making an assessment of the patient’s needs, we work with the patient and the family to set realistic goals, and then create a treatment programme that will give our patients the tools and strategies that they need to achieve them. These may include: postural awareness, strengthening, stretching, balance training, activities of daily living, cognitive training, mobility training and carer giver training.

We address issues proactively to prevent long term problems from developing. We can also provide education and advice on how to cope with the physical and psychological effects of the condition.

When patients present with progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, we aim to provide advice and treatment during each stage of the condition. If early intervention can be provided, it can help to limit the progression of a progressive condition and reduce the degree of secondary complications. In some cases, patients can still make physical gains with improvements in posture, muscle strength and flexibility. Adaptations and assistive devices can be provided helping to improve their functional independence and their quality of life.