“The hand is the visible part of the brain.”

Immanual Kant

Hand therapy is offered to patients who have conditions affecting their hands and upper extremities. Treatment is offered by Occupational Therapists who have a special interest and experience in rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb conditions.

Hand function and the use of one’s hand is so vital to one’s wellbeing; therefore rehabilitation of an injury to the hand and regaining use of the injured hand play a large role in returning a patient to their previous level of functioning.

Various treatment methods are used in rehabilitation:

• Active and passive joint mobilisation

• Exercises and activities

• Oedema management

• Parafin wax bath

• Heat and Cold

• Scar management and pressure garments

• Customised splinting

• Muscle strengthening

The treatment program is designed according to assessment findings and diagnosis and will use a combination of the treatment methods above. The treatment program aims to be cost effective while achieving the best possible outcome.

A team approach is key in achieving a favourable outcome; the therapist works in close relationship with the treating surgeon to discuss management of the patient. The therapist works with General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons.