Following a neurological condition such as a stoke or traumatic brain injury, it is important for patients to have a driving ability assessment in order to ensure that they are still able to drive and whether they are safe to drive.

This is an in depth assessment and takes into consideration all aspects of driving. The assessment will include:

• An interview with the patient to determine the history of their disability or illness as well as their driving history and driving needs

• A visual screening to determine the patients visual acuity, visual fields and eye movements

• A physical assessment including strength, range of motion, balance, co-ordination and sensation. This is done to determine whether the patient is able to manage/operate the driving controls

• Cognitive and perceptual assessments in order o determine the individuals abilities with regards to planning, problem solving, concentration, memory, visual spatial functions, multitasking etc

• Reaction speed tests

• An in vehicle assessment to determine how the individual transfers in/out car, seat positioning, use of controls etc

• On road driving test which will be done with a qualified driving instructor

We are also able to provide people with physical disabilities on information with regards to the various vehicle adaptations which are available and supply them with the details of the companies that are able to provide these products.