Prosthetics Services:

We will, if possible, inform a patient about the amputation process and what to expect from a prosthesis before surgery.

We cover the psychological reactions to the loss of a limb:

  • Typical and normal reactions post op and with a prosthesis
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Impact on family members

The Rehabilitation Process Covers:

  • General physical condition and extent of recovery
  • Coning process
  • Types of prostheses
  • Short and long term prosthetic fitting
  • We also explain phantom pains

We do our best to take away the major causes of fear by educating both patient and family members.

Special Prosthetic Services Include:

  • Hand prosthetics
  • Upper limb prosthetics
  • Lower limb prosthetics

Once the prosthesis is fitted, as a team, we aim to monitor and motivate the amputee to gain the strength and confidence to achieve an independent lifestyle.